Portret Herman Sandman

Column Herman Sandman: For the bestormers

Portret Herman Sandman Foto: Marcel Jurian de Jong

Hello to some people of America. This is an open letter for all the bestormers from The Capitol, this week wednesday, because we Netherlanders scared us a little hat. This must not happen another more time. We live already in confusing times, through corona and, we cannot have this there also by.

My wife and I had eyes like teasaucers when we watched television.

I said: ,,What have we now hanging on our bycicle?’’

You pushed the police way and stormed a building in where you had nothing to search. Was there nobody who asked himself by his full brain: ,,Where are we now busy with, people?’’

The reason for this open letter is that I am afraid that some people in the Netherlands, we call them ‘wappies’ and in English that shall be ‘weppies’, take you as example and storm federal buildings also. Until now they stood only by the Courtlake and screamed and hit with spoons on pots and pans, when our primeminister was on the word, but we want to let it here by. Gladly.

Poetin, Kim Jong-un and Ahmadinejad laughed you out when they saw the soupmess you made of. And who in peacename was that guy with the coyotehat and horns? Someone thought it was the Norwegian who did with on the Eurovision Songfestival.

And what was that about that you want you’re freedom back? Nobody said you where not free. So please, to prevent further problems in your country and ours, do normal. Otherwise there waves what. You are warned. Come on say.